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The Colorado Reader is an eight-page student activity newspaper available free to Colorado educators (teachers can order their classroom sets online) thanks to sponsors. If you would like to sponsor a classroom, please visit the donations page or use the button in the right hand column.

Packaged in classroom sets of 25 and accompanied by a four-page teacher's guide, the Colorado Reader is published and distributed during the months of September, October, November, January, February, March and April during the school year. Each issue is developed to allow educators to teach their students about agriculture and natural resource topics while reinforcing Colorado Content Standards. CFA has provided more than 6 million free copies of the Colorado Reader.

On average 1300 classrooms across the state subscribe to the series each year. CFA is the only provider of the Colorado Reader series.

The following readers and Teachers Guides (separate download) are available for download (click the triangles to sort the table).

Download Readers and Teachers Guides

Cover Title Summary
Use of Soil in Land Reclamation | Natural Resources | 04/2014

This reader discusses environmental concerns of mine and how mining reclamation can be done to minimize enviromental...view

Let's Eat | Agriculture | 04/2014

This reader discusses the new MyPlate guidelines for good nutrition. It discusses how to eat nutritious foods from...view

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. | Water | 02/2014

This reader shows how important water is to life on Earth. It talks about the importance of the snow and how snow =...view

The Hen ~ "Eggs"pert Producer | 11/2013

This reader is full of information about eggs and chickens. Students will learn about the parts of an egg which...view

What is Hydropower | 10/2013

This reader introduces students to energy concepts. It starts by introducing them to kinetic energy and potential...view

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