CFA Comics

Watershed Defenders Comic BookThe Colorado Foundation for Agriculture is pleased to introduce the new CFA Comics for middle school students. These 16-page student publications provide a fun way to study agriculture and natural resource topics.

Middle school students can look forward to discovering the Watershed Defenders and Major Ag — a lighthearted approach to some serious topics. The CFA is completing the development of a series that mixes text and super-hero characters in a comic book format. The Watershed Defenders address runoff pollution and present real-life strategies to empower everyone to be a hero (This issue was funded through a grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment—Water Quality Control Division).

Major Ag provides a series of agriculture vignettes, explaining where our food and fiber come from while highlighting the everyday heroes who feed the world. These comics, as well as corresponding teacher's guides, are provided free to any educator that requests them, and can be downloaded as pdfs. Please register and login to view downloads.

The Watershed Defenders and Major Ag have also appeared in the Denver Post Newspapers in Education series and are available for download to registered site users.

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