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Why Teach Students About Agriculture?

With low-cost food supplies and urban bias, is it any wonder that affluent consumers don't understand the food supply each year in its entirety, and expanding it further for the nearly 80 million mouths that are born into this world each year? — The late Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize winner (1970), wheat breeder and former professor, Texas A&M University, in a 2001 speech at Tuskegee University.

Understanding Water

The Understanding Water Activity Book has a new look.

Activity Book Teachers Guides: 

The Hen ~ "Eggs"pert Producer


This reader is full of information about eggs and chickens. Students will learn about the parts of an egg which should fit in with your teaching them about cells. The students will learn about the different housing systems and the various types of eggs that are produced using these systems.


What is Hydropower


This reader introduces students to energy concepts. It starts by introducing them to kinetic energy and potential energy. Then it discusses types of energy like heat, light, gravity and chemical. Then it discusses how flowing water can have energy and how we capture this energy as hydropower. It explains how a hydropower system works. It has a variety of math problems for the students to complete.

Reader Evaluations: 

Agriculture in our Life


In this reader students explore how agriculture impacts their lives every day in many ways. They learn what are the top 5 commodities and large ag producing counties in the state. They compare Colorado to other states in production of various commodities. Map activites help student to learn where crops and livestock are raised in Colorado.

Reader Evaluations: 

What did educators say about the 2013 Food, Fiber & More Summer Agriculture Insitutes?

Castle Rock Food, Fiber & More Summer Institute

This has been an incredible learning experience and opportunity. I will be able to use so many of the concepts within my lessons. I believe that students and the public MUST know about the importance of agriculture and the issues that they struggle with. Thank you for developing this program, accessing financial backing, sponsors, resources and field trips and experiences…Margaret Browne


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