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Why Teach Students About Agriculture?

With low-cost food supplies and urban bias, is it any wonder that affluent consumers don't understand the food supply each year in its entirety, and expanding it further for the nearly 80 million mouths that are born into this world each year? — The late Norman Borlaug, Nobel Peace Prize winner (1970), wheat breeder and former professor, Texas A&M University, in a 2001 speech at Tuskegee University.

Colorado Literacy Project 2015

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The Colorado Literacy Project will take place during from March through May this year. The Colorado Literacy Project provides an opportunity for students to meet farmers and ranchers as they read to students in kindergarten through fifth grades. This year each student will get to take home one of the publications.

We need one person from the school to be the contact to coordinate with the teachers in the school and the farmers and ranchers.

Two books will be available to use. The first is Colorado Critters. Through this poem, students will learn about animals, both domestic and wild, found on Colorado farms and ranches. This book is appropriate for kindergarten through second grades.

A second book is The Faces of  Colorado Agricutlure. Students will learn about three families involved in agriculture. This book is appropriate for third through fifth grades.

Understanding Water

The Understanding Water Activity Book has a new look.

Activity Book Teachers Guides: 

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